Giacomo Guidi Gallery
Milan, 2014


These works hint towards an abstract narration, at the centre of which lies an idea of chromatic and material flow which appears indistinct, as if carried by the wind – at times extremely ‘material’ and extremely ‘light’ at others. The feathers, painted on one side, create a light effect which changes accordingly with natural light; their nature is always double, at the same time prickly (and animal) and ethereal (and luminescent). The choice in how they are perceived is left to the spectator, who can choose which of these aspects to privilege while all the time knowing that the two are indistinct and inseparable, as are all the oppositions upon which our existence is based.


All the works present in this exhibition were especially made, all with the same title, Arie, and all with the same dimensions (208 x 108 cm), so as to look like the photograms of a film frozen in transient, fleeting poses.
The works are made of special plexiglas supports coloured in through-body; upon these supports tanned feathers have been fixed with a specifically made resin. The resulting paste is initially ‘dusted’ with fine pigments and successively painted using acrylics, which are applied with very fine paintbrushes. Each step of the process is time-consuming, and requires great patience as well as great control and attention to detail. A custom-made frame completes the works, which is a frame and also a screen: its internal overlay acquires the reverberation from the colour of the plexiglas and from the successive layers of the work. As such, the pieces appear as if floating in a luminous contour which is effectively given by the refraction of the work’s own colour.