Alfredo Pirri and Miroslaw Balka
Bunkier Sztuki – Contemporary Art Gallery
curated by Annamaria Nassisi and Maria Anna Potocka
Cracovia, 2007


The exhibition compares two contemporary artists, Miroslaw Balka and Alfredo Pirri, on the theme of the dark side of the modern times. The exhibition makes visible the importance of “thinking Auschwitz” today not as an event of the past but as a living memory, something that crosses our contemporary consciences and become the foundation of a new ethics.


Art is always a search for durability, a search for a constructive order, a language capable of enhancing the creativity of the individual against death and massification. In the culture of this century it is therefore possible to trace an “absolute” sense of art that enhances the value of creative freedom. This value combines artistic creation with the search for a spirituality that becomes a necessary affirmation against the transience of the ephemeral. If the artist, in the creative challenge, entrusts his hope to the strength of his artwork, it is evident that his work is ultimately a sort of meditative act. This exercise requires trust in the human being, overcoming all barbarism, recovering the contemplative capacity of the social towards the work of art. The artistic object, a complex intertwining of form and content, is the only one capable of redefining its language in a space rich in history and in memory and in its relationship of dependence- independence with life.

Text by Anna Maria Nassisi click here.