Galleria Benet Costa
Barcellona, 1990

disegni e foto preparatorie

Ph. Ester Rouira

Benet Costa Gallery, Barcelona 1990


preparatory drawings and photos

The city walls of Rome inspired the works in this exhibition. Surfaces filtering the life that goes on within the buildings. Colours defining volumes and forms.
The invitation reproduced a photograph I took of a building in Piazza Vittorio, split in half by colour: two identically drawn surfaces and obstructions divided only by the colour that split the building like an open book, with two pages corresponding in form, but differing in content. Like a book the invitation was folded in two along the colour demarcation line; opening it one had the sensation of seeing a building splitting by itself.
The surfaces of the works are opaque but richly glazed, not uniform although homogeneous. The colour, painted on the back reflected on the gallery walls, reminds us of the noising chatter that the outside walls of buildings keep appeased, distant.
The abstract nature of the work of art does not mean self-sufficient, anti-narrative painting, even though it is sufficient to itself, sustaining its own existence.

Ph. Ester Rouira