Text written for the show “Crucifixions and other spring landscapes”, Giacomo Guidi Gallery, 2012

My show proposes the same inaugural feeling inscribed in the opening of a space, not just as an exhibition space but also as an expressive space which is open and welcoming, dumb and repeling, whitewashed and colored.
The works on exhibit are shapes and materials that open themselves up as flower after its winter preparation. They are the outcome of a helpless winter, in a study where nobody else has set foot or hand, eye or mind.
The show has the form of a rather solitary individualism which however does not talk to us in an intimate voice….. it tells about the small escaping from the large.
Everything opens up, the study first and foremost, its wall moving to fit an external measure: the gallery’s measure.
As the tree seeking for space in the wood, the wood easing in the plain , the plain pushing the mountains high up.
And even the head opens up, as an open box, as a flower rapidly blooming, as sight bouncing and as it bounces hitting and twisting space, forming corners where a hidden space lives as though it were a bird.
The open lids of the box are projected to the north, the south, the east, the west, in the shape of a cross, dragging with them a bit of that hue that colors its empty heart.
The gallery welcomes the study, the study welcomes the works, the works welcome people’s passionate look, people welcome artists, artists welcome people’s furious look, and the look cuts through the transparency of the works as they form in the study, the study bows (bending) to revere the gallery’s public space.
In this harmonious chant, that hugs us while leaving us lonely, it is us now that look at one another in the eyes.

Alfredo Pirri
Rome 2012

Translated by Tommaso Cotroneo

to see the images of the show click here