Project for the new building of Angelini Group
Rome, 2017


The project (and Alfredo Pirri’s consequent work) is a system destined to develop with time. Here we describe both the method adopted by the artist and the result to pursue immediately. Both derive from some premises and from their union inside the site chosen to hold them: the garage in the new building of the Gruppo Angelini.
The first premise is the fancied correlation of this site, with its mighty columns, to a classic Greek Temple.
The second consists in matching the coauthors of the Gruppo Angelini with the columns bearing the weight of the building, evoking the idea (and the image) that the coauthors are its bearing columns.
The third stresses the need to keep some memory of Gruppo Angelini through the reuse of a number of precious furnishings, picked up from the building that will soon be destroyed, to reorganize them poetically within the work.
The fourth is the narrative and symbolic glue of the entire project. It comes from the text of the Greek philosopher Plato called “Phaedo – or of the immortality of the soul”.