Macro, Museum of Contemporary Art 
curated by Ludovico Pratesi
Rome, 2010


Eighties are Back! is a project that aims to re-read the Italian art of the eighties through a series of solo exhibitions of ten artists, among the most representative of the production of the decade: Alfredo Pirri, Luigi Carboni, Nunzio, Vittorio Corsini, Vittorio Messina, Mario Dellavedova, Daniela De Lorenzo, Massimo Kaufmann, Felice Levini and Marco Tirelli. Each artist has been invited to exhibit two works on one wall, a historic and a recent one, accompanied by sheeds drawn by two critics of different generations who interpret the work.
Alfredo Pirri presents one of his latest works next to Plastic squares, an 1988 work.


At a first glance Squadra Plastica adopts the language of minimalism: it is a specific object – neither painting nor sculpture – a monochrome surface built through the alternation of empty and full spaces, one thing after another. It is a monumental work in its dimensions, it unfolds in space along two axes: the vertical of the pictorial plane and the horizontal, given by the repetition of the same module and which gives back its processuality. But unlike the monument, it has no rhetoric, and the minimalism rejects the logic of the autonomy of the object. This vibrating surface looks like an exudation of the wall, a score of shadow and light. In its timid confusion with the wall that supports it, Squadra Plastica declares itself as an interrogation of the possibility for painting of resignificating.

To read the text by Cecilia Canziani and Giorgio Verzotti click here