crucifixions and other spring’s landscapes

May 2012. Personal exhibition by Alfredo Pirri curated by Ludovico Pratesi, which inaugurates the new rooms of the Giacomo Guidi gallery in the courtyard of the 15th Century Roman Palazzo Sforza Cesarini.

The exhibition stages a sculptural relationship between the public space of the gallery and the private dimension of the artist’s studio, where the intimate, secret dialogue between architecture and colour, between material and light, takes place – the dialogue which marks Pirri’s work so profoundly. By way of a process of distortion, Pirri has literally rebuilt his Via del Mandrione studio, adapting it to the architecture of the gallery.

Ph. Giorgio Benni

“a space that dreams itself”

The works I exhibit are shapes and materials which open up like a flower after hibernation. They are the result of a winter spent alone, in a studio in which nobody has set foot, or hand, or eye, or mind.
The exhibition has the shape of a slightly solitary individualism, whose tone is not, however, intimist… it tells the story of the small escaping the great. (…)
Even the head opens up, like an open box, like a flower in full bloom, like the viewer’s gaze which bounces off the walls of the space deforming it, creating corners where a form rests nestled like a bird. (…)

This harmonic chant embraces us and leaves us alone; it is us, now, who look each other in the eyes.

Alfredo Pirri, April 2012.


‘For the entire duration of the show, Pirri invites friends to the gesture of the gift. The gift makes a connection between he who gifts and he who receives: a fragment of world is passed from one hand to another. Works of art, words, images, objects of affection. The gifts received by Pirri are installed in the space, in a time which is private and public at the same time, where Pirri wishes to share his gifts naturally, without emphasis. He does so merely in order to invite us to reflect upon the transformations space is capable of, on its ability to evoke experiences, awaken desires, transform dreams into visions and visions into acts. Moral acts, which are also civil acts. Civil and hence also political. Acts which disseminate the clean, invigorating energy of feeling in common, amongst people who are democratic, deep and aware.’

Ludovico Pratesi, 25th June 2012.

for Alvin Curran’s performance click here

to read Alfredo Pirri’s text click here

to read Ludovico Pratesi’s text click here

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25 June

Primo Conti
Carlo Guaita
Alvin Curran, Shofar live
Massimo Bartolini
Federico Fusi,
Hugo Canoilas
Alessandro Sarra
Alessandro Piangiamore
Chiara Camoni

5 July

Eduardo Souto de Moura
Thomas Schutte
Francesco Carone
Alessandro Piangiamore
Miroslaw Balka
Jannis Kounellis

11 September

Stanislao di Giugno
Marco Neri
Etty Abergel
Gianni Dessì
Luigi Battisti
Matteo Montani


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