collective exhibition at the Svevo Castle in Bari
curated by Achille Bonito Oliva
opening: March 15, 2010
artists in the exhibition: Vito Acconci (USA), Maria Theresa Alves (Brazil), Marco Bagnoli (Italy), Jimmie Durham (USA), Lara Favaretto (Italy), Subodh Gupta (India), Jenny Holzer (USA), Allan Kaprow (USA), Maurizio Mochetti (Italy), Maurizio Nannucci (Italy), Luca Maria Patella (Italy), Alfredo Pirri (Italy), Francesco Schiavulli (Italy), Kazuo Shiraga (Japan), Ben Vautier (France).

Stage of the project Puglia – Contemporary Art circuit, the exhibition is gathered by the moat of the Swabian castle of Bari, occupied by installations that the viewer can observe “from above.” This dimension allows to create a daily relationship between the viewer and the work, that gives birth to an immediate understanding and elaboration. The art fits directly into the territory dominated by the ancient architecture to become connotation of continuity between past and present, old and new.
“The originality of from above (down into the moat) – says the curator Achille Bonito Oliva – is physically in indicating a further distance, very particular for the contemplation of contemporary art, open to all travelers in the city of Bari and not prohibited to minors.

 Ph. Bebbe Gernone e Andrea Rossetti


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