The Effeminate Intellectuals, Associazione Reduci e Combattenti, Taormina; Scuola Superiore di Guerra Aerea, Firenze 1988

Firenze per l’arte contemporanea Project, Scuola Superiore di Guerra Aerea, Firenze 1988

The video The Effeminate Intellectuals was shown for the first time during the second edition of the International Festival of Video, held in Taormina (International Festival of Video Author Taormina) in the hall of the Association of War Veterans. The room was left as it was, by placing a monitor on a medium normally used for TV. The second version was presented in Florence, in the main hall of the School of the Air War in the Cascine Park in the presence of the entire officer corps in full uniform. The video was created by the artist using archival footage of the Japanese poet Yukio Mishima in a failed attempt to occupy an Japanese army barracks  which was followed by his suicide.

In parallel to the projection the actor Sandro Lombardi did a live reading of Yukio Mishima’s  text “The effeminate intellectuals.”

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