collaboration with the architectural studioLabics (Rome) for the project Le Parisien Palace, Paris, France, 2013

    _DSC5123 _DSC5126

Le Palazzo Parisien

I’ve never imagined my collaborations with architects as my work superimposed onto theirs; I have always searched for integration and mimesis. I know how this latter term has lost its meaning now, since it mostly reminds us of the sterile imitation of nature. Yet I intend mimesis as something radical and authentic, something whose manifestation is in continuity with the building. A building, like a baobab, penetrates the earth with its dark and powerful roots, but then transforms that growth at the top, where its cynetic energy takes on the shape of feathers flying away. I would like to emphasise how such an intimate form of dialogue between art and architecture is only possible if architecture doesn’t seek to imitate art and art doesn’t seek to imitate architecture: rather, art should look upon architecture as the allegory of an ample, perfect world, and attempt to express its dream.

Alfredo Pirri

project boards (selection)





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