Personal exhibition at the Galleria Dè Foscherari, Bologna.

The work on show is a piece commissioned in 2009 in occasion of an exhibition and of a series of seminars entitled ‘Encounters of Harmony’ at the Accademia dello Scompiglio (Chapel of the Tenuta dello Scompiglio, Vorno [Lucca], May 2009).

Other smaller scale works in museum board and plexiglas are arranged on the walls of the gallery, defining a fragmented, light and luminous horizon which extends horizontally in an interrupted line – interrupted and infinite at the same time.

The whole exhibition is installed as if it originated from a corner of the space and was leaning out onto the floor and the walls of the gallery. It is as if from that corner, a request (almost a call) to an ordered storytelling were accepted and subsequently transformed into different energies in its encounter with the various perceptual and sensible horizons of the room.

The gallery thus becomes a white canvas upon which these tensions are inscribed.

Ph. Paolo Panzera (show) and Giorgio Benni (projects)

for Barbara Goretti’s text (Le Reti di Dedalus) click here

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