Steps, Pallazo Ducale di Martina Franca (TA) Puglia, 2011
curated by Fabrizio Vona, in collaboration with Oredaria Gallery

The light of the summer sun, the frescoes that decorate the arcadia of the Palazzo Ducale in Martina Franca, are reflected in the mirrors of steps, designed in this context to be visited only during the day with natural light. The floor is walkable exposed to fracture and disintegration by those who walk: spectators, artists, workers involved in the disintegration of the reflected image.
The work Flag made of one thousand five hundred wires twisted together, held to mark the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy for the Tasso
High School , is contained in the center of the main hall of the palace.

preparatory drawings

Ph. Beppe Gernone

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