‘Solo un Quadro al Massimo’, exhibition cycle held by the German Academy at Villa Masssimo in Rome, curated by Ludovico Pratesi.

Opening: 5th May 2011

The sixteenth event in the cycle sees Alfredo Pirri’s work come face to face for the first time with German artist Gerhard Merz’s. Pirri’s Verso N is a piece in museum board, acrylic varnish, epoxy resin and polished iron. Merz’s Archipittura is in incised brass.

L.P.: What’s the relationship between the work of art and its space?

A.P.: The work of art
comes from a place made
of dust and bears witness
to mankind’s connection to it.

It traverses the foamy body
like air
fecundating the earth
where its feet stand.

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