piece by Alfredo Pirri, realised for the Reanimation Unit at the Santo Spirito in Sassia Hospital. Head Physician: Paolo Visentin. Cuarted by Marina Engels e Bartolomeo Pietromarchi, Roma 2005-2006, as part of the programme “Arte e medicina a Roma”, promoted by the Olivetti Foundation.

The work is conceived as a piece halfway between the fresco and the diorama. It’s a fresco because it occupies a space large enough to be immediately picked up by the viewer’s gaze; and a diorama because it develops like a sort of ribbon running round the top of the walls, up until they form corners with the ceiling. This tight, horizontal dimension seems to stress its temporality, like a tape enveloped round the perimeter of the room, hinting to an (abstract) narration. There are two alternating elements to this ‘narration’: there’s the flowing of water given by the flux of a watercolour, and the flowing of air given by a white paste containing white feathers. The white of the paste is backcoloured with a series of reds which reverberate at its hind, creating a luminous aura which changes depending on the natural lighting in the room.

project images

 ph. Mario di Paolo

to see Luca Fantasia’s documentary about the work click here


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