Volume!, Via S. Francesco di Sales, Rome, 1997-1998

Volume! (Volume!) constitutes a course in three stages: in the first setting, a series of sculptures in burnished brass were placed alongside the footpath dug by the artist, the sculptures subsequently replaced by mask in latex rubber dripped with acrylics. In the second setting a number of ear trumpets had been arranged together and laid on the ground, giving out sounds of falling objects.
In the third space, a “bridge” had been constructed in cement, raised from the ground linking the second space with the street level. The lower surface of the “bridge” was painted blue, while the part below was “dusted over” with powdered line. The setting was thus taken on a shade of blue as a result of the painted area below the raised course. Along the way, on one wall a series of Squadre Plastiche (Plastic Squares) had been arranged reflecting a shade of pink.

preparatory drawings


ph. Marco Ciuffreda


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