Klub Gallery,
Podgorica, 2019


“Alfredo Pirri’s work Passi (Steps) redefines the known by inventing new meanings and new creations, whose origin is to find in the crucial point of our era – agile, disorganized and often destructive creations.                                           Pirri’s artworks are, quite unusually, sort of an interface through which our connection to the world inside us and around us, is as it was originally conceived. The importance of his work in this era of robotics, of independent actions marked as redundant involvement of humans, evokes, among other things, the primordial archetype, the prototype, of our being. Pirri’s art’s fundamental task is to consider the relations between space and action that construct a meaningful, emotionally dynamic connection.”      

From the speech of the Montenegro Minister of culture, Aleksandar Bogdanovic, on the occasion of the opening of the work.

To watch the video of the performance with Nemanja Popovic click here