Tenuta dello Scompiglio,
Vorno (LU), 2009


The exhibition inaugurates the Accademia dello Scompiglio (Scompiglio’s Academy), in concomitance with a homonymous seminar for young artists and curators kept by the artist himself and guest-artists, critics, historians, curators. The space in which art and nature blend is in the hills of Tuscany, an estate where are spaces dedicated to the visual arts, a theater, a space for the culinary arts, a former chapel (which houses one of the two works by the artist) and an old sheep house on the hill, also a place of intervention of the artist.


The work, conceived by the artist specifically for the space of the chapel, consists of a glass floor in the walk-thickness of which contain a great number of colored feathers of a deep red. The feathers, reflecting on the white background behind it, creating a mutant brightness always favors the movement of sunlight. It ‘s like the large glass windows had fallen to the ground after a collision with a flock of birds or angels, and they were willing keeping track of this impact to then make the background light to our steps and dangerous.