Il Ponte Gallery
Florence, 2016

Third part of the project “All’Orizzonte”, after steps at Museo Novecento and the personal show at Eduardo Secci Gallery.


Kindertotenlieder assembles new works of the artist realized in 2014-2015. The title of the works is taken from the famous Lieder by Gustav Mahler, composed after the lyrics that the Romantic poet Friedrich Rückert dedicated to his passed away children. Enchahted by Mahler’s Lieder since childhood, Pirri has elaborated works that are seen by the public as a harmonic, fresh countermelody.



A joyous dance, a germination of outlines enveloped in a soft fog pervade the artist’s Kindertotenlieder.
Breaths of air seem to come out from the holes punctuating the “splashes of colour”, small kaleidoscopes reverberate an indefinite light, revealing, without showing, the colour behind.
The overall chromatic effect  results from the collaboration of the artist’s mastery and the substance of the stand: sheets of plexiglas directly (and imperceptibly) painted in paste, generating presences.
Even though the sinuous forms at times gather and condense in groups, they seem always prompt to deviate and stray to the next work.
Some of these abstract representations stand on small tables, recalling a domestic interior, a space that welcomes us at the entrance making us feel at home; others stud the panels, creating a space where the forms are reflected and echo as in a soundbox.                                                                                  Downstairs, alike circular shapes, divided into five departments, finally reunite in a pictorial unicum. The works here are wrapped and tied to each other by a light grey, creating a peculiar space filled with “openings”, inviting us to approach and enter this phisical and mental space with our body and our eyes.