Maison Europèenne de la Photographie, Paris, 2006
curated by Anna Rosa e Giovanni Cotroneo e Jean Luc Monterosso


The light that bathes the glass is modeled in intensity and hue based on the use of keywords within the news coming from the ADN Kronos news agency. To each word corresponds a color or a light intensity. The city made in glass, is invested by events, as bathed in light.


It is a portrait of a city seen from above. An aerial view, not figurative but visionary, where luminous and chromatic phenomena mix with space, giving life to new feelings: energy, melancholy, fear, spontaneity…. I am more and more interested in a kind of art that, even if generated by an abstract matrix, is able to face the problem of similarity, what is defined in philosophy as mimesis, the resemblance with things which are not a copy. In a few words, I am interested in a kind of art that comes from abstraction but is able to give us something recognizable, something involved with the narrative dimension. Here in Paris, I have inserted an important new element, a particular and dynamic light that changes continually as a consequence of stimulations, coming at the same time from the external world.
I wanted to give my personal tribute to photography. Not to the so-called ‘art photography’, but to the idea of photography intended as a view on the world and from the world. I would say that it is a tribute to the specific photographic sector of ‘photo-journalism’.

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