Palazzo d’Avalos,
Procida, 2015


“In 2015 Alfredo Pirri opened this place with the first installation of his work in one of the windows reduced to holes on the void by time and carelessness. Alfredo closed and opened this passage to the sea with a double glass in which he shut some feathers: a work poetic and at the same time very powerful, the locking of the prison on the ground floor and the opening toward the horizon at the noble floors of the building; just opposite, behind Capo Miseno, the sun rises in the morning.
The opening was magic, almost still in the dark of the night and for few persons: we saw Alfredo’s delicate work and watched the first rays of the sun through the feathers in the glass. It was a gift to each one of us, a private act, like a poem is private.”

Mariagloria Bicocchi

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A crystal threshold, where some feathers indicate the vanishing point, almost an unreal and light focusing on two stories, one of the penitentiary and one noble, refined and their ‘outside’. A flight that will take each user to the ‘elsewhere’.