Curated by Paola Tognon
Museo della Città – Luogo Pio Arte Contemporanea,
Livorno, 2019.


With the project All’imbrunire, Alfredo Pirri meets the need of combining visual and poetic quality, dignity and context, harmony and scale for the court between Bottini dell’Olio and Luogo Pio. With this site-specific installation for the court of the city museum, the artist complies with two reflections and needs: organizing the ground at the centre of the two buildings of the museum complex, and characterizing the creation with a work that is far from having a traditional monumental nature. The project is the plantation of a wood of bamboo, a perennial herbaceous plant of the family Poaceae (Phyllostachys nigra boryana), at the center of which a lamp is positioned by the artist. Bamboo trees grow up to 10 metres in 1 or 2 years, and will create a regular wood where visitors can go in and reach the central lit island.


“At dusk the lights of the city are lit.
Together with the others, a lamp between the two wings of the museum of the city of Livorno.
A different light from a large multicoloured globe, on top of a cement and metal candelabrum, at the centre of young bamboo plants that will grow to make a wood, a green building, a natural clutch inside a living city organism. A place where to meet or be alone.”