Tucci Russo Gallery
Torre Pellice (TO), 2008


Alfredo Pirri’s works invite us to pay attention to all that which is sensible, visible and invisible in the complex world which surrounds us, with regard both to natural phenomena (dawn and sunset, rain, light) and to social ones. The vocation to storytelling which Pirri consistently displays takes as its protagonists light and colour, with multiple variations from one exhibition to another – what interests him is how the spectators allow themselves to be captured by the rhythms and timbres developed at each turn by the story of these elements.

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The narration of light and colour continues in Canti, which is the title of this show as well as of these works, which Pirri himself intends as ‘small monuments to the cinema’. They take shape from the cast of an unravelled film, which is transformed into a cone-shaped imprint, reminiscent of the shape of projected light. Each one of these pieces focuses our attention on different moments of perception: the story and the image, ‘unreal’ reality and time, the cone of light blinding the spectator and the evoked sound.
On show together with the Canti is a sculpture entitled Le Jardin Féerique, which takes its titles from one of Maurice Ravel’s sonatinas. This ‘fairy garden’ is a transparent parallelepiped divided into levels and traversed by an ascendent cone-shaped vortex of coloured light projected onto floors of white feathers, which act both as reflectors for the paint and as screens.